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KIBA x TAK Waterman

Tak Waterman X Kiba Lures Popper

Tak Waterman X Kiba Lures Popper

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Introducing our exclusive collaboration popper with Kiba Lures. This hand crafted popper is made in Indonesia. It’s highly versatile and can handle rough conditions as well as calm conditions. With its thru wire construction, it is made to target large pelagic species. 

100g and 120g Recommended hook size: BKK Raptor Z 3/0 & 4/0 

180g Recommend hook size: BKK GT Rex 5/0

7” 100 Grams (unrigged)

7.5” 120 Grams (unrigged)

8.5” 180 Grams (unrigged) “Giant Bluefin”

Wood Popper

Stainless Thru Wire 



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