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Clear Choice Lures

Clear Choice Lures | Tuna Popper 160mm 3oz

Clear Choice Lures | Tuna Popper 160mm 3oz

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The newest lure to join the Clear Choice Lure line of fish-catching products. The Tuna Propper 160 is equipped with 5x hooks and HD hardware so it's ready to go right out of the box. Big Tuna as well as GTs and Snappers will absolutely crush this bait. Super easy to fish as a straight cast and retrieve is all it takes. This TP 160 can also be slow-trolled back in "clean" water behind the boat, something most other surface-casting lures can't effectively do. Mimicking a wounded Flying fish or injured baitfish, this lure will get the attention you've never seen. Hold on to your rod as the bites will be EXPLOSIVE!


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